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Meet A USCSF Scholar

​Welcome to a news series featuring Nassau County Student Scholars who were awarded $5,000 essay scholarships from USCSF. These members of the University of US Class of 2021 submitted winning essays on the topic:

The Supreme Court Justices

Alexandria Weiser
Fernandina Beach High School

​Looking back to last year, these members of the University of US Class of 2020 submitted winning essays on the topic:

The Electoral College: Should it be abandoned, or should we keep it, and why?

Carly Terry

Fernandina Beach High School

Carly Terry headshot.png

Congratulations! Our first featured Scholar, Carly Terry of the Fernandina Beach High School Class of 2020, is the winner of $10,000 in scholarships from the U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation: $5000 each for her Freshman and Sophomore years.


Carly will be attending the University of Florida's Innovation Academy, majoring in Advertising and minoring in Innovation. Already an entrepreneur, Carly has worked as a wedding and portrait photographer for the past two years, and plans to continue her photography business in college.

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to have attended the University of US classes, and to write an essay on the Electoral College. Every speaker taught in an engaging way, and I learned so much about the Constitution that hasn't been explained as thoroughly in my school classes," stated Carly.

To qualify for the scholarship competition, students need to be a Nassau County high school junior or senior, achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA, complete the University of US program, pass a U.S. Constitution final exam and write a qualifying essay on a related subject which was judged in a blind competition.

Meet A USCSF Scholar: Alexandria Weiser
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Read Carly's winning essay here:

Listen to Carly's interview in a recent podcast, “The Daily Signal” from the Heritage Foundation:

Watch Carly's Video: