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Welcome to a news series featuring Nassau County Student Scholars who were awarded $5,000 essay scholarships from USCSF. These members of the University of US Class of 2020 submitted winning essays on the topic:

The Electoral College: Should it be abandoned, or should we keep it, and why?

Click below to view the Scholarship Award Winners and their Essays. Each winner will be featured in a series over the summer months.

2019 Scholarship Winners

The USCSF has awarded over $100,000 in Scholarships and Awards to Nassau County students since the program began in 2017.

Five Nassau County students each received a $5,000 scholarship from the U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation (USCSF) presented by The Honorable Robert Foster at a family dinner and graduation celebration for 2019.

Students were eligible for the scholarship competition by attending five of six University of US classes coordinated by Sharyl Wood, program director, and passing a final exam. Qualifiers wrote a 2000-word essay about which amendment to the Constitution they would eliminate or amend and why. Essays were judged in two blinded phases, first by the USCSF Board of Directors and second, by a team composed of Judge Robert Foster, Judge James Daniel, Chris Bryan, and Jim Flynn.

The winning essays can be viewed here.

Additional students receiving monetary awards in the competition included, Samuel Bradsher, HE, Matthew Farrell, FBHS, Katherine Gates, HE, Reegan Graves, FBHS, Joshua Hebert, HE, Emma Johnson, FBHS, Emily Joinville, YHS, Emma Lewis, HMSHS, and Brody Mandelbaum, FBHS.

Matthew Farrell and Brody Mandelbaum were also recognized for their support as student ambassadors assisting in class activities.

The Honorable Adrian Soud closed the graduation exercise with an impassioned presentation of portions from George Washington’s Farewell Address. Judge Soud explained how Washington’s
plea for Americans to avoid excessive political spirit and geographical distinction are as relevant today as in 1796.

To get updates on previous Scholarship Winners, click here.

Applications for the University of US program are available to all high school students in May of each year at the front office of Nassau County high schools, or by contacting


Virginia Ardia Retired Educator

Carol Blum Retired Businesswoman and Educator
Sue Braddock Retired Educator

Honorable Jim Daniel Circuit Judge Nassau County
Heidi Cook Retired Educator
Honorable Robert M. Foster Retired Judge Nassau County

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