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The U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation is particularly committed to the focus and purpose of bringing comprehensive speakers to our Nassau County community on an annual basis. Our goal is to educate and engage the broader Nassau County community through our Speakers' Forum. These forums are open to the public and serve as a vehicle to introduce the Nassau County community at large to the financial commitment that USCSF is making to this effort and the need for financial support.

With the declining level of awareness and understanding of the significance of the United States Constitution in our daily lives, the Speakers Program addresses the underlying need to reawaken and prioritize the importance of developing that knowledge.

The Speakers Forum combines several headline speakers each year as well as smaller informal lunches to educate our donors and the broader community.

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3d 2 Speakers Forum past event-Edwin_Mee
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3a2 Univ of US Faculty   Karin Agness ph
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3d 1or2 Speakers Forum Genevieve Wood, H
3d 1 Speakers Forum Jessica Anderson Her
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Lou Holtz

Jim DeMint

Ed Meese

Mark Meadows

Stephen Moore

Jim Jordan

Jason Chaffetz

Burgess Owens

David Azzerad

Mike Needham

Kay James
Karin Agness Lips

John Fund

Genevieve Wood

Jessica Anderson

Rob Bluey

Legendary Football Coach

South Carolina Senator

75th Attorney General of U.S.

former Presidential Chief of Staff

former Presidential economic adviser

Ohio U.S. Congressman

former Utah U.S. Representative

Utah U.S. Congressman

Heritage Foundation

Heritage for Action

Heritage Foundation
Network of enlightened Women
American Journalist

Heritage Foundation

Heritage Action

Heritage Foundation

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